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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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the spring, under his Grace of Argyll; they talk of the Duke of Marlborough and Lord Albemarle1 to command under him. Lord Cadogan2 is just dead, so there is another regiment vacant: they design Lord Delawar's3 for Lord Westmoreland4; so now Sir Francis Dashwoods will grow as fond of the King again as he used to be—or as he has hated him since.
We have at last finished the merchants' petition6, under the conduct of the Lord Mayor and Mr. Leonidas7; the greatest coxcomb and the greatest oaf that ever met in blank verse or prose. I told you the former's question about the copy of a letter taken after the original was lost. They have got a new story of him; that hearing of a gentleman who had had the small-pox twice and died of it, he asked, if he died the first time or the second—if this is made for him, it is at least quite in his style. After summing up the evidence (in doing which, Mr. G-lover literally drank several times to the Lord Mayor in a glass of water that stood by him), Sir John Barnard moved to vote, that there had been great neglect in the protection of the trade, to the great advantage
LETTER 66.—T Williara Anne Kep-pel (1702-1764), second Earl of Albemarle ; Lord of the Bedchamber to George II, 1727; Governor of Virginia, 1737; served in the army; was present at the battles of Det-tingen, Fontenoy, and Culloden; Lieutenant-General, 1743; Colonel of Coldstream Guards, 1744; Com-mander-in-Chief in Scotland, 1746 ; Ambassador to Paris, 1749 ; K.Q-., 1749; Q-roomof the Stole to George II, 1751,
2 This report was untrue. Charlea Cadogan (1685-1776), second Baron Cadogan of OaWey; served in the army; Lieutenant-Q-eneral, 1745; Governor of Sheerness, 1749; G-overnor of Tilbury Fort, 1752-76; General of Horse, 1761.
« John West (1698-1766), seventh
Baron Delaware, or. Earl Delaware, 1761; served in the army; was present at the battle of Dettingen; Lieutenant-General, 1747; Governor of New York, 1787 ; Governor of Tilbury Fort, 1747 ; Governor of Guernsey, 1752; General of Horse, 1765.
* John Fane (1685-1762), seventh Earl of Westmoreland; served in the army; Lieutenant-General, 1742; General of Horse, 1761; High Steward of Oxford University, 1754; Chancellor of Oxford University, 1769.
6 Sir Francis Dashwood, nephew to the Earl of Westmoreland, had gone violently into opposition, on that lord's losing his regiment. Dover.
8 For more guard-sliipa.
T Mr. Glover.    Walpole.